About Us

We seek to provide a relaxed pampered sanctuary where time will stop.
Quality natural sourced products for your skin and the softest of lashes for your eyes. Pure essential oils to promote natural healing and health.



Hello my name is Kylie the owner of KEE to Beauty. I have been in and around the beauty industry since I was a teenager. This salon is my years of experience to you. My eyes sparkle at the thought of meeting you and providing you with one of the very beneficial facial or releasing aromatherapy massages. We all need that time to stop and focus on ourselves and be reenergised. My services are designed to do just that for you, no matter what treatment you choose. It makes me very happy to see your smile and realisation of natural beauty after treatment.

Aim – Happy you.

How It Works ?

KEE to Beauty only uses internationally renowned brands and products.

  • Skin care – organicspa
  • Essential oils – doTerra.
  • Lashes – Biomooi and Elleebana

All these great products are available for your home care in salon. No need to order and wait